Saturday, September 22, 2012

Obama Resign After in Affair with Oprah!


    Washington DC, USA - Today  Barack Obama will resign from being the president at the White House, and he admit that he is having an affair with Oprah Winfrey!

    The BKK Shutter reported that Barack Obama came out today to inform the press the truth about the relationship between him and Oprah. After he had been hiding this private affair from the public but when the paparazzi spotted both of them together. He confessed that he had been secretly seeing each other for months and their relationship started when he went to Oprah's talk show when he was having problems with his wife. He realized that what he had done is wrong and unacceptable but he want everyone to blame everything on him. He regret all of the things he had done and he is sorry that he let lots of people that look up to him down. Furthermore, he is remorseful to his wife for all the bad things he had done to her.

    According to many scandal that Obama's wife is in the hospital due to her depression and can not handle anymore news of the affair. An insider side that she knew for a while now that he is different but she can not believe that it is real. It will take a lot of time for her to heal from all the pain that her husband had done to her.  

    Obama announced that today he will step down from being the president and divorced with his wife. He want to sort everything to be right. He hope that everyone will give him a second chance.


  1. Woww! I can't believed it that he have affair with her!1 now I'm shocked!! O_o"

  2. OMG!!! what a bad husband?
    if i were his wife, i would sue him!!!

  3. what a shame. they both are dignitary and own high popularlity. How shock this is!

  4. oh my god what the .... !!
    blame on him and hope his wife get better soon

  5. Now, the truth comes out. Such a gossip!! I really want to know more details, anyway, thanks for the top news always.